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Tillage & soil preparation
Weed control

Smart farming solutions

FarmXtend is not just a weather station but a full agronomic solution to base your decisions on ultra-local measurements from the field between your plants.
It consists of the FieldXact sensor, smart farming software solutions and the FarmXtend app. 
This all-in-one crop and soil sensor captures the microclimate and provides plot specific weather forecasts to keep track of everything a grower needs to know about his crop. 
The FieldXact sensor measures all relevant weather parameters at field, crop and soil level thanks to an integrated rain gauge and other specific sensors. With data from all these different sensors and from validated external weather data sources converted into relevant information, it is a valuable tool for daily decision making.

The FarmXtend Crop Care solution offers two agronomic advice models:

DISEASEXPERT MODEL: to prevent crop damage describing the risk of infection for a particular crop with major plant pathogens

SPRAYXPERT MODEL: to spray crop protection agents at the optimal moment

Measured Parameters

  • Dashboard with all real sensor and calculated weather data (wind, leaf wetness, moisture, evaporation & radiation)
  • Ultra-local weather forecast including agroscores (most favourable timing for fertilization)
  • Cumulative values
  • Historical data

Key Features

One unique meteorological in-field sensor combined with intelligent software solutions

Measuring rainfall, climate conditions such as temperatures, humidity and soil temperature at two depths between the plants to obtain ultra-local data from the field

Wirelessly connected to the FarmXtend app for easy data overview and integrated agronomic decision support tools

Easy installation and setup

Replaceable power unit