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Tillage & soil preparation
Weed control

Smart farming solutions

FarmXtend is a unique concept of smart connected sensor to a very advanced agronomic precision farming app. 3 smart in-field sensors delivery different weather information: WeatherXact Plus a crop&soil sensor, RainXact Plus, a rain sensor and the SoilXact Plus, a soil moisture sensor.

All these sensors are connected to the unique FarmXtend app, your ultra-local field data at the glance on your phone, anywhere, anytime! FarmXtend is much more than only weather sensor. It offers you unique advisory modules giving you agronomical advices based on your ultra-local data

Technical Specifications

  • Sensor measuring data in the crop
  • Ultra-local field data thanks to built-in gps-chip
  • Worldwide connectivity thanks to advanced technologies
  • Unique advisory modules:
    • DiseaseXpert & SprayXpert
    • 100% wireless
    • Smart integrated energy supply
    • Ultra-local weather forecast
    • Important alert modules
    • Plug & play solution
    • Suitable for all crops
    • Theft secured

Key Features

Smart weather sensors

100% wireless

Worldwide connectivity -plug & play