Discover the electrifying xpower range

The new way of weeding:
using the power of

XPower enables you to manage weeds in a sustainable way using high-voltage technology. This systemic mode of action is working without any usage of chemicals while respecting the integrity of the soil.

All XPower models use the same working principle: a controlled dose of electricity which is provided locally from the mechanical energy of the tractor by a generator.

From orchard to urban –
multiple applications,
choose yours.

The zero-chemistry solution
for viticulture and orchards
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The zero-chemistry solution for
urban and landscape areas.
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Works down to the roots.

100% residue-free XPower causes instant and irreversible plant damage – from the leaf to the roots.

- Xpower safety -

Safety first!

Many implemented safety features and practices make XPower machines safe for the surrounding environment and the operator, in compliance with CE standard.

That „ZASSO“ means „Plants growing in the wrong place“ in Japanese?

The name, Zasso, was chosen in honour of Satoru Narita, the Japanese Brazilian who had developed and field-tested the first prototype in the early 1990s.

ZASSO is an innovative Swiss-based company specialized in non-chemical weed management solutions using advanced power electronics. Offices are located in in Zug (Switzerland), Indaiatuba (Brazil) and Aachen (Germany).

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