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XPower XPS

XPower XPS

The XPower XPS is part of the XPower family of electric weeding solutions. It was developed and adapted to address the specific weeding needs of wine and fruit growers.

The XPower XPS consists of a back unit and a set of two side applicators:

  • The back unit includes a generator, a gearbox, power units and an electrical control cabinet.
  • The applicator consists of two static electrodes and two electrodes swinging on three passive rotary axes. Special attention was given to the kinetics of the intercept arm to optimize the weeding area while respecting the integrity of the trunk.





  • Available as front or rear version
  • 24 or 36 kW with the Power Boost option
  • 8000 Volts
  • 1.52 - 4.85 m working width depending on the configuration
  • Up to 4 km/h working speed



What are the advantages compared to chemical weeding?

  • Fast and durable action: it is residue-free and can be applied in most weather conditions.
  • It does not lose its effectiveness in case of rain after application, unlike chemical weed killers.
  • The XPower XPS user is not exposed to toxic substances.
  • Neither the soil, water nor insects are affected during the application.
  • XPower applications are not subject to legal restrictions and can be applied in all areas, e.g. along water ways.
  • The XPower is a useful additional tool towards partial or total herbicide-free wine or food production.

What are the advantages compared to non-chemical weeding?

  • Systemic action down into the roots: other non-chemical methods generally are not systemic, which provokes re-growth.
  • No impact on the soil: prevention of erosion risks and no stimulation of the weed seed stock or nutrition turnover.
  • Soil integrity: the energy runs directly into the roots and does not heat up the surrounding soil or the environment.
  • Optimised kinematics: good coverage between the vines thanks to an applicator that pivots on three rotation points.