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Weed control

Electrical weed control

Chemical herbicides were a huge success story in the 20th century, reducing costs and raising yields. But there are now very good reasons why alternative weeding technologies are an important step forward, for many areas of application.

AGXTEND™’s new XPower uses high-electric power and electrophysical engineering to minimize chemical herbicides and eliminate undesirable plants effectively by electronic weeding.

The electrical energy is targeting and destroying the chlorophyll as well as the water and nutrient system right down into the roots. The green leaf pigment or chlorophyll is torn out of the photosynthetic process and then carries on destroying itself because it can no longer emit the absorbed light energy. The current itself causes cells to burst and cell sap to seep into the intercellular spaces. The plant’s vascular bundles, its main arteries for water supply, are going to be destroyed beyond repair. This way the plant is no longer able to survive after less than one second of treatment, making this method much faster than hoeing, where the weeds take hours to dry off on the soil surface – and in the worst case may even start to regrow.

Technical Specifications

High-voltage electricity is provided locally by a generator. The electric current passes via the applicator into the plants and then into the soil. The electric circuit is closed via a second applicator that either touches other plants or the soil. The energy lets the plants wilt from the inside, right down into their roots:

  • Chlorophyll is immediately damaged
  • The cells are partially destroyed and die
  • Interrupted water supply in the vessels
  • Fast desiccation of plants
  • Plants are not thermally destroyed, but in a systemic way

The right amount of energy and an optimized applicator are decisive for the effect. Plants with a high water content and with few stems and roots compared to their leaf mass require only little energy and are easy to treat.

Very dense and woody grasses or very large plants require a lot of energy and special applicators. In these cases, combination methods, for example with mowing achieve best results. Plants with larger rootstocks or rhizomes are severely weakened and will partially require more than one treatment. The XPower effect can best be compared with that of Glyphosate, it works right down to the roots – only in an instant and without residue!


Key Features

Using the electro-physical power of XPower has significant advantages compared to other weeding technologies. XPower can be used at any time of the season when needed, without waiting times for herbicide degradation or for sufficiently good weather conditions. As it does not include chemicals to be registered, XPower can be applied for any type of culture independent of registration processes of herbicides. In contrast to manual or mechanized hoeing there is no soil movement. Thus, erosion and disturbance of the soil structure and any incentives for dormant seeds are avoided. As killed plants remain in place, the soil surface remains shadowed and new seeds will not find a favorable seed bed for germination. Thus, regrowth of weeds is retarded.

Rapid action

Long-lasting effects similar to chemical herbicides and far superior to many other thermic and mechanical methods.

Low plant dependency, large and small plants can be controlled

Low requirements on the plant ‘s physio logical activity

Low day-night and temperature dependency 

No specific resistance expectable 

No soil movement – erosion minimized, soil conservation maximized 

No chemical residues 

No risk for underground life