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General specifications

The DepthXcontrol is a revolutionary real-time variable tillage solution which is ISOBUS compatible and automatically controlling the optimal tillage depth. Thanks to a smart algorithms the optimal tillage depth is defined based on the measured soil parameters in front of the tractor and handed over 'on-the-fly' to the implement. The farmer only needs to define the cultivation strategy and the optimal tillage depth is defined. This will result in continuous improvement of your soil structure and makes the best use of your tillage operation and means a significant increase of your productivity.Every cm less means an economic profit, every cm deeper only where compaction is detected means a soil improvement and a higher yield. 

Technical specification

  • Real-time tillage depth control.
  • The variable implement control optimizes in realtime your working depth based on the detected compaction, relative water content and soil texture
  • Need to define a minimum and maximum tillage depth and the optimal tillage depth will automatically be controlled
  • The unique teach functionaliy will improve the algoritm on the go
  • 3 manual tillage depths can be defined
  • ISOBUS compatible
  • Easy documentation of tillage depth
  • Import of tillage prescription maps
  • Aftermarket installation on all hydraulically height adjustable cultivators.