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Near infrared sensor for crops and slurry

Mounted directly on your machines, NIRXact sensors are able to measure moisture and nutritional composition of harvested crop such as dry matter, protein, starch, fiber, neutral detergent fiber, acid detergent fiber and sugar – in real time and with accuracies up to two percent.

Harvesting Applications :

  • Forage harvester: Adjust cutting length & inoculants application based on moisture level. (ActiveLoc tm functionality needed on Forage harvester)
  • Map crop constituent and create valuable prescription maps for next season
  • Compare hybrid variety productivity
  • On the go analysis, no stop for collecting samples
  • Immediate results on harvested crop composition.
  • Low cost per analysis.
  • Up to 28 products analyzed such as grain (wheat, barley, grain corn, soybean…) and forages (corn sillage, grass sillage, Alphalpha). (optional calibration curves may be required).

Slurry application :

NIRXact allows you to perform variable rate application of slurry, which brings up many advantages for the farmer:

  • Reduction of mineral fertilizer input cost
  • Total overview of the NPK repartition across the field
  • Application of maximum nitrogen while keeping legal limits
  • Reduced slurry transport
  • Traceability

Technical Specifications

Accuracy – Moisture measurement


Accuracy – Nutrient measurement (Protein, ADF, NDF, Starch, Ash, Crude Fat)


Working temperature:

-10 / +50 °C (14 / +122 °F)

Storage temperature:

-40 / +60°C


12 - 32 Vdc


Max 7A @ 12V

NIR Scanner Dimensions:

171 x 233 x 174 mm

NIR Scanner Weight:

4.5 Kg

Protection Grade:

IP 67

ISOBUS Virtual Terminal Compatibility


ISOBUS Task Controller Compatibility


Key Features

Open standard & versatille sensor:

ISOBUS standard allows you to combine NIRXact with your existing ISOBUS Precision Farming solution. You can connect NIR Xact with any brand of ISOBUS Compliant terminal and GPS receiver.

Simply add optional extra application kits to transfer your NIRXact from one machine to another and use it all year long. Application kits are available for forage harvester, combine harvester & slurry tankers. You can also instal your NIRXact into a trolley for mobile analysis.